Our projects

By using Biscuit, each user can contribute to our eco-responsible projects and become an actor in sustainable development.

Our actions are oriented around 3 areas of action

Local programs to educate the younger generation

The younger generation needs to be sensitized from an early age. The earlier children are sensitized, the more likely they are to respect their nature and their environment.

Preservation and restoration of the local ecosystem

Protecting the environment also means preserving flora and fauna. The objective is to ensure the maintenance or recovery of species and their habitats.

Sustainable management and reforestation of forests

Forests play a crucial role in the environment. They provide natural resources, constitute a valuable habitat for biodiversity and are essential in the fight against climate change.

The importance of acting for the environment

We are convinced that sustainable development cannot be achieved without the support of all the players in the territory. It is indeed the sum of the local actions which has an impact on the global evolution. In this logic, the Biscuit team is aware of the issues and is committed to the environment. This is why we set up various projects throughout the year with the aim of protecting biodiversity and preserving our common environment.

We dedicate our profits to our projects

Like many users, you are looking for the best deals on the internet. Fortunately, you can turn this habit into a good action by using Biscuit, the platform that also finances eco-responsible projects. Thanks to your consultations, we can devote part of the profits to the development of Biscuit but also to the implementation of our projects.

Our projects

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A 200m2 shelter at the Wildlife Care Center in Dudelange

Biscuit participates in the extension of the Wildlife Care Center and finances a 200m2 enclosure intended to accommodate mammals

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New supports for local beekeepers in Capellen

Through this project, Biscuit supports the members of the Capellen Beekeepers Association by financing new media, used during the queen bee fertilization period and available to all members of the association.

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An educational vegetable garden in Hobscheid

In partnership with the Montessori Schule School in Hobscheid, this project aims to raise awareness among the young generation about sustainable development through the financing of a vegetable garden, a greenhouse and a garden shed within the school.

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How can we follow the progress of our projects?

  • Feuille d'arbre From the Biscuit application in the “Our projects” tab
  • Feuille d'arbre On our social networks, Biscuit App (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Feuille d'arbre On our website via the Mag’ de Biscuit
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