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Each year, 100 million advertising catalogs are distributed in Luxembourg, this is equivalent to:

165,000 trees transformed

1,400,000,000 A4 sheets printed

14,000,000,000 liters of water used

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End the waste of paper received in your mailboxes and limit their impact on the environment

Eco-responsible projects

Become an actor by participating in eco-responsible projects put in place in Luxembourg thanks to the use of the Biscuit application

Ecological transition

Ensure the transition between the use of paper and digital for the good of our planet

Our eco-responsible commitments

By using the application on a regular basis, each user can contribute directly to an eco-responsible project and become an actor in sustainable development. Changing our habits by using Biscuit rather than receiving offers by mail is now part of everyday good practice.

Find our ongoing eco-responsible project on the app and on social networks (Biscuit App).

Assignment 1

Sustainable management and reforestation of forests

Assignment 2

Local programs to educate the younger generation

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