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All the catalogs & leaflets of supermarkets in Luxembourg

Discover all the catalogs of your favorite supermarkets in Luxembourg close to you. You must all know them, the supermarkets Cactus, Delhaize, Aldi, Lidl, Match, Smatch, Colruyt are referenced on the Biscuit application. Every week you will find the best promotions that you usually find in the brochures that you receive in your mailboxes.

Des bons plans, promotions et le pleins d'économies

Prepare your meals every week by looking at the best deals offered by our supermarket partners. Write your shopping list to go to Biscuit's partner stores will become a pleasure. You can make savings on your purchases thanks to the promotions present on the advertising leaflets of supermarkets in Luxembourg referred to on Biscuit.

What are the supermarkets in Luxembourg ?

 In Luxembourg, consumers can find a variety of supermarkets to buy their food and non-food products.

Among the food products, we find meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bakery products and cereal products. We also have fresh, frozen and packaged products. You can also find drinks and sweet products.

Other products such as hygiene and beauty products, household products and pet products are also available. Grocery products, such as dry and canned products, are also available. Luxury products are also available, such as cosmetic products, personal care products and superior quality food products.

There is also a variety of handicraft products, gardening products and DIY products. Entertainment and gaming products are also available, as well as electronic and computer products. The supermarkets also offer fun products such as toys and games.

The supermarkets Cactus & Cactus Market

The largest supermarket in Luxembourg is Cactus, which has more than 60 stores spread throughout the country. This chain offers a wide variety of food products, including fresh and frozen products. It also offers beauty products and household products.

The Cactus Market supermarket is a chain of small stores that offers food and other products. The products offered include fresh products, frozen products and household products.

The supermarkets Match & Smatch

The Match & Smatch supermarket focuses mainly on food products. It offers fresh products, frozen products, dairy products and products for the garden.

Les supermarkets Cora (Foetz & Concorde)

The Cora supermarket (Foetz and Concorde) offers a wide variety of food products and other products, notably fresh products, frozen products, household products and DIY products. There are also specialized supermarkets that offer food and non-food products.

Delhaize & Colruyt supermarkets

Among the specialized supermarkets are Delhaize and Colruyt, which offer food and household products. The Auchan supermarket is also very popular in Luxembourg. It offers a wide variety of food products and other products, notably fresh products, frozen products and household products.

The supermarkets Aldi & Lidl

Consumers can also find discount supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl, which offer food and other products at very low prices but also of good quality.